Zhan Zhuang at work

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Zhan Zhuang at work

Post by yowie_steve » Mon Jan 08, 2007 6:36 am

My fiancee and I practise zhan zhuang every now and then when we do abit of exercise together.

It seems though she gets more practise in than I do. She is a registered nurse working in operating theatres which involves standing up all day handing instruments to doctors. She has found that standing in the zhan zhuang position with your pelvis cocked forward and knees slightly bent has been a better way to stand up for hours on end. She doesn't get a sore back and is a lot more comfortable.

She doesn't of course get much of a chance to perform any meditation or concentrate on breathing and circulating chi (at least not with undistracted intent). But she most likely has that posture nailed - or ding jing'ed - and is better at it than I now.

Thought you guys might find that interesting.

Maybe she should start standing in the michuan taiji posture during work. I wonder how that benefits.

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