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Post by Hsiao-Ting » Sun May 02, 2004 4:39 pm

Does anyone remember the old SNL skits about "Da Bears?" Chris Farley, "Norm" from Cheers, and another actor would sit around a Chicago bar/restaraunt eating polish sausage and drinking beer and inevitably they'd start talking about Da Bears. In one of the funniest skits, they started predicting who would win a football match or other contest if it were between Ditka and _____ [fill in the blank - the Cowboys, a hurricane, etc.] and the answer was always "Ditka."

So I thought we could start a similar thread here but with Yang Luchan, who history tells us was never defeated in battle. I'll start with the obvious: Yang Luchan or Ditka? Yang!

Yang or Shaquille O'Neal? Yang!

Yang with a sword or Dirty Harry with a .44 magnum? Yang!

Any others?

Hey Lao-Shr, any good funny stories from the trip to China? :lol:

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