Sanshou/Tuishou Meetups in Central Park

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Sanshou/Tuishou Meetups in Central Park

Post by Dan » Tue Jul 20, 2010 1:22 pm

If any grtc folks happen to be in nyc, I am trying to get together a group of locals to practice sanshou with (though tui shou could be added as well). The idea is for this to be flexible schedule wise and utterly free for participants.

We'd keep it to light sparring (no full contact) in the park, saving full contact for a more proper location (like a gym). (Or maybe we could swing that in the park as well, I just don't want to weird out the locals too much, if such a thing is possible in this city). Obviously if we use a gym we'd need to split the cost or mooch off someone's membership (or perhaps if someone belongs to a school that could work too).

This would be organized so folks could simply say "Hey I'm free at xyz time", so if anyone is visiting the big apple and wants in send an email! Also suggestions are most welcome.

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