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Huanuo Cup Sword Essay Competition

In order to improve the communication of the sword culture with friends from all over the world, Huanuo Sword Art Inc and ?Light Weapon? which is an authoritative magazine operated by our nation will hold the sword essay competition, the details of the competition are listed as following:

1Requiement of the Essay?

?1?The main topic of the essay is ?Sword?, you can write whatever you think about the sword, such as your research of the sword culture, your experience or tips about the sword, as well as the plans for the sword design, produce, sales, and so on.

?2?Any form is permitted but have to be original essay that is created by yourself, the quoted information should be noted.

?3 Pictures and videos are permitted in the essay, and preferred.

2 Attendee ?Anyone who like sword and sword culture

3 Valid Time: Valid until February 28th, 2007, all the essay should be sent by email to

4 Prizes

Class Number of Winners Rewarding Value

First Place 1 Tang Da Dao provided by Huanuo Sword Art Inc, or any huanuo product with the same value $1000

Second Place 2 Carpe Sword?CDKP $438

Third Place 5 Bonus Card (can get a 100USD discount from huanuo ) $100

Note: The result will be published on the ?Light Weapon? (No.4, 2007)

Some excellent essays will be published on the Huanuo web, ?Light Weapon? magazine, and some other sword websites.

. If the sword design is adopted by Huanuo Sword Art Inc, and produce, Huanuo will pay certain design fee to the designer according to the produce quantity

Huanuo Sword Inc

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