Qing Qianlong or not?

Sword typology and Edge Weapons forms of the Chinese Empire and related cultures with an emphasis on their relationship to Swordsmanship.

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John McD
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Qing Qianlong or not?

Post by John McD » Sat Jun 19, 2010 5:17 pm

Hi I've just joined, I spotted a sword in an antique shop over a week ago and have been researching ever since. It's fascinating. I'd really appreciate some feed back on the sword being genuine or not.

All the photos and comments/ desciptions are here: http://www.swordforum.com/forums/showth ... p?t=101520

Thanks in advance. I'm not a sword expert but I've handled European swords of over 150 years with sharpened blades and without (Wilkinson, etc...) This sword has the same black patinated blade, I don't think this can be faked. I'm an Engineer and understand corrossion of steel, but I've no real experience of swords and none of bronze.

Whilst awaiting membership here, I visited the link to Qianlong swords. This sword has the same type latice with the 'V' shape.


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