5 elements of Chinese Spearmanship...?

Sword typology and Edge Weapons forms of the Chinese Empire and related cultures with an emphasis on their relationship to Swordsmanship.

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5 elements of Chinese Spearmanship...?

Post by J HepworthYoung » Thu Jun 04, 2009 10:38 pm

In watching the recent 5 elements of Chinese swordmanship video I began to wonder if the elements hold true for spear work?

If this is the case, and it would see to be so, then is there not a place for test cutting with the spear?

I have been working on some 2 person drills with sticks based on taiji sword technique, I am thinking I would like to employ a spear like wooden object as well and do this also for sword like stick against spear like stick so to speak.

I do not know the traditional method of holding a spear and am very interested in what it would be.
Also the basic moves interest me, based on my limited understanding of taiji I can envision versions of the same moves I do with my body that incorporate a spear, however that does not give me any transmissions, just personal discoveries, and as much as I love the latter I still long for the former.

If I am not mistaken Laoshi Rodell has some spear knowledge and training. Is there any book or video which provides basic information like stance, cuts/basic moves and form? If not how can I influence the production of such a thing?

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