Single Whip/Dan Bian variations

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Single Whip/Dan Bian variations

Post by Richful_jedi » Mon Mar 28, 2011 9:56 pm

Single Whip is often described as the signature move of Taijiquan and I must admit one of my favourite movements. Each form seems to have it's own variation on the body mechanics used in it's execution. I'd like to explore the applications of single whip that results from such variety. I am most familiar with Yang style Taijiquan so I will focus there, if anyone wishes to share applications from other styles I'd be very interested.

The most technical detailed single whip application I have learned is from the Yang Michuan Tajiquan tradition discussed here;
viewtopic.php?f=3&t=294&hilit=single+whip ; which I learned from Laoshi Rodell. Combining rolling back a strike, using the hook hand to pluck the duifongs arm, striking at the throat with the hookhands knuckles (supported by your off hand in the hooks palm), progressing into an elbow to the rear, then a dragdown and finally a throat strike/push. I'd be exceedingly impressed by a player who could pull off all of those applications in a row, of course clearly they can be used in isolation to great effectiveness :wink:

Will continue the exploration further soon. Please add your own experiences with dan bian.


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Re: Single Whip/Dan Bian variations

Post by J HepworthYoung » Mon Mar 28, 2011 11:14 pm

It can be used as a take down, putting the leg behind the duifang and levering them over, as well as lifting the person to take them off balance and then using the extension to pull them over, it can also be used to mangle a limb with the torsion of the extension, it is also used for striking with the body as mentioned

not to mention what it can be used for with a weapon, like a club, a blade etc

like most of taijiquan, it is versatile

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